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Ministry Books is a division of
Book Ministry
P.O. Box 241
Syracuse, NY 13214
Ministry Books Christian eBook Publishing
Ministry Books helps new authors with editing, preparing and publishing Christian eBooks.
Step 1
Write your book as best you can. The easiest format for us to edit is Microsoft Word
(.doc or .rtf).
Step 2
Include any graphics, pictures, diagrams, or drawings. It's best they be in .jpg or .gif format so we can include them in your book.
Step 3
If you aren't sure of a title, chapter headings, or any other details, we'll take care of it and show you our ideas before publication. You'll have the final choice.
Step 4
Email us your files to [email protected]. If they are too big to send by regular email, let us know and we'll walk you through how best to send it.

Step 5
Our fee: for eBooks under 10,000 words - $149*
             for eBooks from 10,000 - 20,000 words - $249*
             for eBooks over 20,000 words - we'll prepare a quote for you.
Once we've agreed to take on your project, your can use our PayPal button located on our website to submit payment, or send us a check.

* Note: Fee based on word count, but special formatting requirements for footnotes, text boxes, figures, etc. may require an additional fee. For paperback books, we'll explore our options and provide you a price before proceeding.
Step 6
We'll proofread and polish your manuscript. We may have questions along the way to make sure your content is accurate and complete. Prior to publication, we'll send it back to you for review. Once you've signed off on it, we'll then convert it to eBook format and publish it as an Amazon Kindle eBook, and submit it to for their marketing (which includes iTunes and Barnes & Noble). We'll help you decide the selling price (unless you want to offer it for free).
Step 7
Once published, we can create an Author's Page on this website so people can find your book(s). We'll also provide links to Amazon and Lulu where people can obtain your 
book(s). If you're offering your book for free, we can include it on your Author's Page.
7 Simple Steps to let us help you Publish your own eBook:
For Christian eBooks we publish, check out our Kindle Books and

It's HERE!!!
How to Publish Your First Book
A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Self-ePublishing
by John Mark
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Ministry Books
P.O. Box 241
Syracuse, NY  13214
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