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F. Mateo

                            Born in Manila, 
                            Philippines on 
                            the 4th of 
                            February 1958, 
                            Flor as I am 
                            fondly called, is 
the eldest child of two Catholic parents. I have a brother who recently became a Christian. I had my schooling in Manila: Stella Maris College for my elementary and high school course, and The University of Santo Tomas where I took up architecture. Both are prestigious Catholic schools in the Philippines which give importance and emphasis on the Roman Catholic doctrines. That means, I was a Catholic half of my life. And like most Catholics, I lived a life of vices, parties, bad habits and so on. My life was filled with misery from controlling things myself. 

In my late 30’s, I went to the Middle East (Bahrain, Dubai and Oman) as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I worked as a display artist and visual merchandiser. I stayed the longest in Oman for 21 years at Oman Duty Free. It was here where I found the Lord Jesus. Living in a Muslim country is not that easy as we all know. But fortunately, God gave me a very kind employer in the person of Mr. Abdullah Shanfari. 
Loneliness and temptations are the two worst enemies for those living in far off places away from families and friends. Depression is produced out of loneliness and that was where God showed me His glory. With the help of some born again Christians and God Himself, I was able to develop my faith and trust in Him especially during times of trouble, pain and problems back home. I was a “prisoner” denied of the truth until God freed me from the lies I’ve lived half my life. It was so amazing knowing God’s words and promises. It is just so awesome living in God’s peace! It changed my life forever!

I am now retired and in my early 60’s quietly living in Manila with my two Christian housemates, two dogs and a cat. I plan to pursue my writing to reach out to people who are presently “imprisoned” to the lies of the enemy, Satan. Armed with God’s words, it is my purpose to share with them the way to break free to be able to lead a stress-free happy life they deserve that only God can give. 

To God be the highest glory. Amen.
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