Formatting: eBooks and printed books have significant limitations and requirements regarding font selection, Table of Content issues, footnotes/endnotes, text boxes, margins, spacing, graphics, etc. My task is to format your manuscript to these specifications and to make it as attractive and readable for your readers. There are also different requirements for each of the publishing outlets that must be considered. 

One important consideration is giving your readers the best experience possible when reading your eBook. This includes graphics that can be read on small devices (especially cell phones), pictures sized properly, chopping long paragraphs into smaller easier to read ones, etc. Hyperlinks can be useful, but can be a serious distraction for your customers, so we take care to use them sparingly and only when necessary. Your Table of Contents must work, especially for longer manuscripts, as do your footnotes or endnotes. I prefer to use endnotes rather than footnotes so the customer doesn’t have to click through page after page of them to get to the next chapter.

Once your eBook is formatted, I create (when needed) an account with Amazon for the Kindle market and for their market which includes iTunes and Barnes & Noble. The formatted manuscripts, once approved by you, the author, are then submitted for publishing worldwide.

For printed versions of your book, once approved by you, customers can order these online one at a time - or in bulk. Long gone are the days you have to print a large quantity of books and hope they sell.

Lulu has an Author’s Spotlight page which I create and make available to each author. Here is the link to one such web page: This you can use as a valuable marketing tool to help promote your book on social media, your website, and your emails. 

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