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Ministry Books, a division of, helps new authors with editing, preparing and publishing Christian eBooks. This new website is designed to introduce these new authors to our visitors. Watch us grow as we add new authors.
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The Body of Christ has many members. As such, we Christians are very diversified in what we know and what we believe. The intent of Ministry Books is not to focus on any particular belief system, denomination or particular viewpoint. If Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, God Almighty, is the foundation of our author's lives, we will not try to discriminate when it comes to other areas and issues of the faith. 

Ministry Books reserves the right to accept or deny any publication of any author for any reason. 

Ministry Books, in accepting and including links to books it has or has not helped edit and/or publish, hereby states that neither it, nor its agents, employees, owners nor associates necessarily hold to the beliefs and opinions held by any author nor of any publication represented here on this website. 

If you have a book you would like us to help edit and publish, and we find something that we believe needs to be adjusted, clarified or corrected because it may contradict Scripture, we will bring it to your attention. Our intention is not to change your story, but to do whatever we can to improve its readability and content. It's your book, but we believe you would not want something published that is error, and that you would want to know what that might be.
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