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The original purpose of this book was to make the case that our feet are mechanically designed to run long distances. They are uniquely different from the feet of most other terrestrial creatures. However, it becomes apparent that the rest of our bodies, including our brains and our endocrine systems are all designed to run for hours without stopping...relatively slowly compared to most other creatures that hunt for food or strive not to become another creature’s food…but, yes, we have an ability to keep running for a long time…we are endurance runners.
Steven Wulin
Feet Designed to Run Marathons 
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Our bodies are uniquely designed to run all day long … and that ability saved our species from extinction. Are we humans really designed to run long distances? And if we inherited that ability from our Paleolithic-Neolithic ancestors why was it important for them to run? If a human and a horse ran a marathon…which one would win?

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