A child of the 60's, Marina Rojas grew up in a family that was more crazy than dysfunctional, spending most of her time avoiding contact with other members of the same species at all costs. Reading her way through childhood, writing stories became a past time that allowed her to keep fond memories of times that were good and not so really great. In the end it all ended up well for prosperity and for the sake of being able to look back, laugh at it and cheer made it in spite of the craziness that is part of the human race.
As mother to four wonderfully productive members of society, mother-in-law to two wonderful chosen ones, she is grandmother to four perfect little angels. 

Marina delights in every moment with her family and thanks God for them daily.
Marina Rojas sent Ministry Books these booklets requesting we include them on our website to be made available free of charge. We did not have the opportunity to help with editing, layout, or publishing, but hope many will be blessed by these writings.
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Marina Rojas
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