Bhai Musafir
​For many of us it may be all right to dwell in a tent for a little while, but the time comes when we say: 'Let us leave the tent of worldly conveniences and settled lives, and let us move on to all that the Lord has for us’. If we are moving with God we shall surely discover that He is never in favour of our settling down but always desires the spiritual man in us to reach forward to the things of God. This was also the perpetual cry of the apostle Paul who shows us that the horizon of the people of God is not the horizon of this earth. They "greeted them from afar" - there was always something more beyond, and this is a true mark of a spiritual progress toward the heart of God.
Beloved Reader, the Lord has used the messages in this book to enlighten my eyes and set me on the right path. These messages not only touched my heart when I heard them, but they have been a repeated source of spiritual encouragement to move on in His purpose for my life.

Bhai Musafir
July 2013

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